Very Cool New MIDI Control Hardware


Hi All,

This is cool …check it out, I can see some of us using it but it is very new and no price except on advance orders. More info at website.



Well…there goes my neat little rig. Been down sizing for years…now this. Arrrgh!


That is very cool. Interesting, it only works with VST3 plugins. I know most of the U-he plugins don’t have functioning midi learn in their vst3 versions yet. I wonder if that would affect it.

  • Paul


Wow. Impressive. I definitely want to know more about it. I’ll check it out. Anyone knows the price of this gem already?


Did… did…did they shamelessly put potentiometers directly on a screen?
This is both the ugliest and sweetest thing I’ve seen in a long time.

I see they still use the mouse on this screen in the video and I understand they use another “master” screen on top of that.

I hate to be that guy, but is it sturdy enough for live setups? is it versatile enough for studio work?


Hmm - interesting. The only thing I’m struggling with is ergonomics: GUI designers spend hours to arrange knobs and sliders so they make sense - and then I’m supposed to operate the thing with knobs arranged in a square, mostly unrelated to the screen layout?? {scratching head}

not sure if this is for me…


Wow, that’s quite ingenious.
Reminds me of the native instrument keyboards.
But I’m with Torsten, it looks confusing to have the plugin UI and the knob labels together.
I think I would end up having to do some annoying layout to get controls where I want them.


I have send them an email for more info and price. That is apparently not known yet. They said they’ll get back to me