Velocity Gate don't filter Note-Off events [9n mm 00]

Hi Brad,

I wanted to separate push and release of a momentary Button with Cantabiles Velocitiy Gate. The Button is sending Midi Note On and Off like:
90 00 7F [hex] (Ch 1, Note On with Velocity = 127)
90 00 00 [hex] (Ch 1, Note Off with Velocity = 0)

Unfortunately this only works for the Note-Off command, but not for the Note-On.

Monitor-View of one push & release without filtering. The Velocity Gate is disabled:

Monitor-View of one push & release with enabled Velocity Gate for value 0 (Note-Off). “Suppress out of range” is checked. The Note-On command 90 00 7F was filtered out as expected:

Monitor-View of one push & release with enabled Velocity Gate as before, but for value 127 (Note-On). Here the Note-Of command 90 00 00 isn’t filtered out. The Velocity Gate seems not to work for Note-Off events?!

Best regards,

This is by design. Since velocity of zero is an alternative form of “note off” if it was suppressed you’d get stuck notes. ie: this filter isn’t really designed for what you want.

Hi Brad,

I understand that point, but for example with triggers there are no stuck notes. A separation of Note-On and -Off events could open more possibilities.
Anyway, I thought this was a bug, so I reported it. Thank you for clarifying.