Velocity curve vst?

I know that Cantabile has an Velocity curve midi filter, but I want something similar to what’s available in Pianoteq so that I can create and tweak individual points on the curve. This is an issue when I’m using Ravenscroft within UVI Workstation.

Maybe the Piz midiCurve plugin is what you’re looking for!


Hmmm. Why would I get this error message? Doesn’t say but I’m guessing it’s probably a 32-bit version.


Ah yes, it looks like it. If you don’t have jBridge installed, you won’t be able to use a 32-bit plugin like that with 64-bit Cantabile.


true. I try to stay away from Jbridge. Just complicates things a little more. There is a basic velocity curve in Ravenscroft. I’ll work with that one

Perhaps email pizmidi - they might be able to do an x64 build if you ask nicely :slight_smile:

If you search for it you’ll find 64bit versions! They are on a FTP server somewhere.
I’ll search my laptop. I think I downloaded them some time ago.

I found it but midiCurve is not included. Maybe you’ll find another plugin in that package that fits your needs…

thanks Fantom, I’ll check it out.