VB3 problem with preset select dropdown

I’ve noticed something strange with the 32-bit version of VB3 running in Cantabile 3 (x64) with jBridge (1.74). If I’m holding notes down while playing VB3 and I click the Cantabile preset dropdown, the sound is muted with a nasty click, and there’s a delay of around half a second before the dropdown appears. Interestingly this does not happen with the 64-bit version of VB3, or indeed, the 32-bit version running in Cantabile 2 x64 (with the same jBridge).

For a while now I’ve been running the 32-bit VB3 because I found I was having periodic crashes with the 64-bit version, whereas the 32-bit one was rock solid, and so it would be nice to get to the bottom of this odd glitchiness.

[Edit] I’ve just noticed it also happens with OP-X Pro II

Sounds like it might be a Cantabile issue, but I’ve also pinged Joao.

Also logged it here and will check it out later today.


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I am jBridge’s developer. :smiley:

Neil, the bridging process has some limitations, but, if you don’t need automation for that plugin, could you check the “sluggish GUI hack” option, and let me know if it makes it a bit better?

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Thanks for the suggestion; however, it behaves exactly the same with that option set (I restarted my machine and Cantabile to make sure).

Hi, Neil.

Sorry that didn’t work, automation bridging was my first guess.

Since you mention it doesn’t happen with Cantabile 2 x64 when using the plugin bridged, could you confirm if this also happens with the 32bit version of Cantabile 3, when using the plugin unbridged?

Hi, Neil.

I think I found the issue ( Thanks to Brad for pointing me in the right direction ), could you give the 1.74c3 version I just sent you and let me know if it works OK now?

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The fix you sent through seems to run much better for me. Thanks Joao

That’s great news! :slight_smile: Glad that worked.

Yes, fixed beautifully for me too - thank-you!! :grinning:

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Happy to know! :relaxed: