VB3 II Preset names

I’m hoping that someone here (Corky? :slight_smile: ) has some insight into what the “MM” in the naming of the VB3 presets stands for.

Here are a few of them:
Blues 2 - MM
Brian 2 - MM
Mistheria Heavy1 - MM
Coster’s - MM
Europa - MM

It’s probably going to a “duh, should have seen that” moment but…

Also, I always assumed the “Brian” presets referred to Brian Auger, but since they have a Leslie attached I’m now questioning that assumption.

Mistheria is a European Pianist that somehow made some ties to Guido at GSI. He is a member of this forum. I really haven’t seen him playing an organ, just piano and synths. I will reserve my thoughts on the presets. I will send you a PM.