Variable Text Display

I have a requirement to be able top display variable text by song and by song state. The reason being I have 8 sliders available on the midi keyboard controller which I use for volume control. The instruments on each slider can vary by song and song state so remembering what instrument is on what channel can be a challenge (for us oldies). I tend to have all the instrument’s pre loaded in a keyboard rack for a gig then have the songs states switch routings to a mixer rack.

Ideally, a new Button type on the Controller Bar would be ideal where I can make the text of a button change per state. If the text could be updated by sysex and/or binding target even better.

I have seen a couple of threads on this subject so can see some interest in it. I couldn’t see the subject in Trello so can’t vote for it.

Failing that, does anyone know of a plug in that can either take VST parameters or sysex to populate GUI text boxes?

You can use show notes for this? You can change the contents of show notes per state/song, would that do what you need?


It would yes thanks, but a little messy, I use notes for song structures so would have to format each page with song structures then info about instruments. A little clumsy.

Aah, ok.


MidiAlert to your rescue: Built another little tool that works nicely with Cantabile: MidiAlert

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Thanks for this. Almost what I need. Wanted up to eight concurrent text boxes though.

I would like that, too. @Torsten, any chance of getting the possibility to set position of the pop-up in MidiAlert? I’d be happy to help out on the coding if you are too busy.

TBH, that’s not really what MidiAlert is about - not supposed to be a static overlay, but rather a simple message-box-type that pops up and goes away again.

How about using a plugin like ExtraNotes ? ExtraNotes allows you to load an image or text. Using “entire bank” state behavior, you could re-populate the content for every song or even song state. Loading pictures, you could design really fancy graphic representations of your slider assignment and load them into the individual states.

Tested this using ExtraNotes to display different notation per song state - works nicely!


Even better if there is something that works out of the box. I’ll give it a spin, thank you so much for the inspiration.

Brilliant. I love this community. Thanks for your help people. The band is just starting to think about gigging again in the UK. Fingers crossed. I miss it so badly. Hence starting to refresh my Cantabile set up. Stay safe all.