UVI Retro Organ Suite - especially like the "Yammy C10"

The three year old UVI Retro Organ suite is on sale for $60.

Not like I need another organ VST but I just love the sample they provided for the “Yammy C10”.


Doug…I bought it a few years back. While it does sound good, the Leslie doesn’t. It doesn’t ramp up or down. From what I remember, the drawbars are selected in drop downs, so you really can’t position where them where you want. The other combo organs are beyond cheesy. I would love to get my money back, but it was all mine when I clicked “purchase”. Believe me, you already have the best Hammonds, and better combo organs are free on several sites. MHO.


The Hammond reminded me of the long gone “Charlie Organ”. You could combine presets in the same way. I had Charlie in a few songs as late as 2016.
The same sampled Leslie, no ramp up or down, which to me is essential to the Hammond sound. The UVI has a sampled Leslie (cpu hog), and a cheesy modeled Leslie pedal that will do the ramping.

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Was gonna say, sounds like Charlie. Charlie had a really cool drive-y sound but it was Deep Purple all the way- don’t touch that Leslie!


Definitely true. I remember the old Charlie Organ, and in '90s my beloved (and damn expensive) Hammond libraries for Emu III/IV, the nights spent exporting, one sample a time by MIDI sample dump, those libs to the K2000 (more suitable for gigs), manually rebuilding samples placements and other tons of parameters. Sounds were terrific, being a snapshot of a real Hammond with Leslie. NorthstarSamples and Masterbit my favorite.
Too bad, all my work thwarted in simulation of Leslie ramp, crossfading slow/fast samples by footpedal-triggered AR envelope. Not bad for background organ, so ugly for solos.
As soon I find the Kurzweil disappeared HD, I’ll post some examples.

Edit: I evaluated the UVI Leslie simulator, not so impressive to me. IK is the best, GSi is also good.

Funny, when I did a blind vst Leslie test sometime back, UVI Rotary came in 1st.

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Ugh, really? :open_mouth:

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Didn’t try it deeply. At first listening it seemed not good like the T-Racks Leslie, at least on headphones. Guess I’m happy with IK Leslie and I have no urges (at the moment) to buy another simulator. :neutral_face:

…and there is probably no need to. The UVI Rotary, for use on organ, would be a one trick pony. The setting I used would be the only one to get a traditional Hammond sound. The rest are experimental, and interesting for many other things.

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Come to find out…Charlie was a UVI instrument. I did not know that.

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Ah, well there you go