UVI product portal product update procedures

UVI product update procedure:

Open portal
See message “This may take several minutes”
Wait more than several minutes for it to retrieve information on my 3 UVI products
Click update
“Downloading update”
Watch progress bar
“Download progress 100%”
“Download progress 5%”
Wait several minutes while it stays at 5% after already going to 100%
In frustration click to close UVI portal
“Are you sure? You might lose installation progress.”
Calm down and click “No”
UVI portal closes anyway
Abuse the computer mouse and utter a bad word
Go back to step one and eventually click download again
Update begins installing
PACE license support begins installing
WTH? Its already on this machine as 40 other plugins can attest to
Wait some more
“PACE support already installed, exiting PACE installation”
Wait some more
“PACE license support successfully installed”
Wait some more
UVI portal says “update installed”
Close portal again
Reopen portal a third time and click library and wait more than a few minutes to retrieve information on my 3 UVI products
Portal shows everything is up to date (good)
Close portal a third time
Click to do weekly update check in Waves portal
Think to myself “Can’t believe I used to think Waves has the worst portal and product installation on earth…”

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Can’t say I have had any problems with it. Was using it on the weekend to get my GIGPC up to the same VST state as my DAW PC (first gig in years coming up).

But I do agree the PACE installer is a nuisance, it would be nice if there was a way of the main installer doing a check (e.g. is the current PACE version stored in a registry) and the installer can then fail that step silently if it is up to date.