UVI/ iLok problems

so I purchased and downloaded Acoustic Samples B5, went through the authorization procedure via iLok app on my PC, saved the B5 ufs file to my VST folder.

I don’t know how it happened but now not only does UVI workstation not “see” the B5 file, it tells me that it can’t find a valid license for my other two AS plugins- Wurlie and Mark 79. I’ve rechecked these plugins in my iLok account and they are active. I’m confused and at a loss to figure out what to do !

Hey Lee,

Are your other libraries in here as well. Usually they are saved in the program file directory in UVI workstation Soundbanks Folder. Also check the locations in the options for UVI worksation to see if they point to files. If no problems there, try deactivating and reactivating your I-lok stuff on your laptop. One other thing, are you using the key or the software lock?

Part of the problem was that my version of UVI Workstation was outdated. Once I ran the current version, B5 works just fine.

Not so good with my previously purchased (and previously working) Wurlie and Mark 79 items. I went so far as to delete the ufs files for each, redownload, reactivate through the iLok software and re-copied the files to the Soundbanks folder, which is a valid path in Workstation. The result is that UVI doesn’t even see Mark 79. It only sees Wurlie if I click on Instruments, where it’s listed in red. When I click on Wurlie it says no active license found, go back to iLok and make sure it’s activated (which it is).

I got pretty quick response from UVI support which lead me to complete the actions noted in the previous paragraph. Waiting on a return response from them.

Which is exactly why I made my comment about ilok in our previous discussion. I really am saddened that Acoustic Samples went that route because I purchased some of their products before their switch and use them a lot. Some of the studio people I know, and work with are disgusted with the unreliability of ilok2 that unlocks their DAW’s, It interrupts valuable time. I know the authors of the software need to protect their hard work, but ilok has been consistently a pain in the rear. Beside that, the pirates have already cracked it, as they always will. I am so thankful that Brad didn’t choose that route for C3, because up until B5 release, I would not consider any software with ilok protection. My 2 cents.

Hey Lee,
Did you update ilok drivers as well?

Never had a problem with iLok until now, although I agree, it’s awkward and a PITA at best. Dave, I did update the iLok software- made no difference.

Indeed, I always worry that my iLok will go missing or fail at a gig in the middle of nowhere. I much prefer the licence systems where you have a fixed number of installations (including on a backup machine). Much more suited to gigging/touring musicians who have many other things to be worrying about!


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no response from Acoustic Samples support in 2 days. Very unimpressed. Can’t even find my support ticket in my AS Account. No response to my emails. Opening up a new ticket.

Buyer beware!

I was hoping you were up and running so I could hear your thoughts on B5. Did you read any of the Faq’s at Acoustic Samples site https://www.acousticsamples.net/faq ? Apparently others are also having problems authorizing A.S. from what I have been reading. I understand your frustration and I would totally be PO’d. A.S. has been responding on the KVR forums and the VI forums http://vi-control.net/community/threads/acousticsamples-releases-the-b-5-organ.53343/. You could also ask for help on their own forums. You might want to vent on all of them about their slow response because they definitely have made some changes in the program due to what they see on these sites, and they are watching. Good luck!

thanks for the suggestions Corky. After upgrading my copy of UVI Workstation, B5 is working fine. It’s the older programs I’m having trouble with. As far as B5 goes, I like it a lot. Very smooth, clean sounds. Each drawbar sounds very authentic as it’s opened and closed (I’ve owned a Hammond C2 in the past). Also, very nice percussion effects.

I am glad to hear about B5. Sorry about your other ilok issues. I know it is of no comfort to know that you are not the only one with ilok issues, but it has been a beast for a lot of people since it’s conception.

Finally heard back from AS. No “I’m sorry for the delay”. He stated that “I answered nicely on a Sunday (and it looks like i should not have…)”.

I was informed that AS is a 1-person company and that basically, he has a back log of help requests. Hopefully he was being genuine in his statement that he will find a solution to my problem.

Great plugins, poor customer support.

Wow…hope you didn’t put him out for buying his product. Would have never thought it was a one man operation. I know Brad has to be struggling to keep up with the endless requests and fixes, but I have never seen him make a statement like that to anyone. What a shame for such a good product.

I received a follow-up response from Arno at AS. He advised that the iLok app needed to be run before UVI was loaded in Cantabile. I had in fact done that very thing numerous with no observable effect. But I ran it one more time and for some reason one of the missing plugins, Wurlie, is now activated and working correctly. Mark 79 continues to not even be recognized within the UVI browser. So emailed AS back and waiting for a reply.

If I had known downloading B5 would be the start of my problems, I probably wouldn’t have purchased it. Not saying that it caused the problems…

There were iLok issues over the weekend that apparently affected HDD license activations. Perhaps that is related to what you are experiencing? More info at: http://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=468197

Probably more than a coincidence that I’m having similar problems. The latest version of the iLok software does not correct the problem I’m having with Mark 79.

Well, well. The problem with Mark 79 fixed itself. I have no idea why. I hadn’t loaded UVI workstation in several days and when I loaded it tonight, there was Mark 79 in the Soundbanks section.

@LeesKeys I know you are going to hate this, but…I bought B5 today and when I loaded it in UVI workstation, I had several older ILOK licensed plugins load that i had forgotten. Everything working great in standalone. Haven’t tried it with Cantabile yet. Glad you got it going. I think it was a conspiracy.