Using VST3 (docked mode) is crashing build 4056 x64 (WIn 7)

I haven’t really used v4 much, yet. Today, I found there was a new version of the VST3 editor plugin for my MODOR NF1m synth. I installed it and switched to “Docked” mode because it’s too big for my monitor so I need to scroll it. Cantabile 4 immediately crashed, and continues to crash, each time I try to open that plugin.

The file is:

It’s v6 of the editor. I previously had v3 but hadn’t been using it because I couldn’t see all of if it in Cantabile v3. Just before installing the new one I’d tried v3, docked, and that seemed fine. However, I think I need the v6 to work with the new firmware I was about to install on the NF1m.

Is there anything that can be done about it, or will it just not work?

I’m on the latest beta - a few VST3 versions are causing crashes - I always write a short note like “Opening GUI for AmpliTube 5.5.2 - just upgraded it” and submit the report. Once that happens I go to the VST2 version and the same plugin always opens fine. Can’t wait for CLAP :laughing:


Thanks. I add crash report notes when using Cantabile 3, but I can’t find an option to turn that on in Cantabile 4. FWIW, Cantabile 3 crashes immediately on opening the MODOR VST3 editor too, so I sent a report for that.

I hadn’t heard of CLAP - I’m not a big VST user. Unfortunately, the MODOR NF1/NF1m seem to be pretty much abandonware, now. There’s no current VST2 version of the editor, and I don’t really expect there’ll be a CLAP version, or any new ones after this - maybe a bug fix or two, at best.

Update: Just adding the NF1m VST3 editor plugin, then opening it without switching to docked mode, also crashes Cantabile v4 - it just takes a few seconds to do it.

I’ve confirmed that the same thing happens with Reaper.

It turns out that the VST3 editor crashes if it can’t find the synth when it starts up. I hadn’t thought to try connecting it first, because my first instinct was to install the editor then open it to look at it.

Modor were aware of the crash problem, but not that it could crash the whole DAW.

So, I can use it, but since I normally have Cantabile set to load the last “song” when it starts up, that gets awkward when the Modor NF-1m isn’t connected, the next time I use Cantabile - I have to let it crash, then start it up and tick the box to not load the last song, then load a different one from the file menu.

I’m not clear if this is going to be fixed, in the Modor VST3 editor, since the NF-1m has been discontinued, but the same editor is used with the larger, more expensive, NF-1, which is still available, AFAIK, so perhaps there will be an update at some point.

It would be nice if a plugin crashing wasn’t able to crash Cantabile too, or Reaper, for example. Perhaps the VST3 format just makes that impossible to prevent?