Using two of the same USB MIDI Interface in C3

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Hello, I have two Roland UM-1 USB MIDI interfaces. One connects a Roland SH-32 module and the other an Alesis QS8.1. I have one Input/Output Port name UM1 and the other UM1-2. Although the ports function fine within Cantabile 3, sometimes the named ports switch to the opposite hardware device. As of now, I just adjust the input/output port within the song.

Even though the workaround functions, it poses an inconvenience.

Has anyone else has a similar experience? Is there a remedy for this sort of problem, or should I find an alternate MIDI interface?

Thanks for any help given!

I would suggest using the midi through and setting each of your units to a different midi channel. C3 routing can easily change midi channels as you play.

Hi NYplaystheblues,

Does the problem happen after you have to move and re-connect the USB cables? I ask because Windows will re-assign device names when the devices physical ports get accidentally changed or they are are hot plugged in a different sequence. The trick is to always plug in to the same physical ports exactly the same each time. How do you connect?


Thanks for the replies!


I use a 7 port powered USB 3.0 hub with individual switches and, to tell you the truth, don’t pay much mind to which order I turn them on. I’ll give it more attention next time. I could also number the ports.


Never gave much thought to the MIDI through, as I rarely use it. I do use multiple MIDI channels within Cantabile, though. You’re right, it’s quite an easy process.

Thank you for your advice and I’ll keep you posted.

First: this is not a Cantabile issue - this is a Windows problem. Windows struggles with USB MIDI devices that report the same device identification. Things stay mostly stable as long as you always plug the devices into the same USB port and turn them on in the same order - but there are no guarantees.

To be brutally honest: if you want to make sure things don’t get messed up, either get a different interface for your second device or invest in a multi-port (2x2 and upward) USB interface - you can get them starting around 40 EUR, so it’s not a bank-breaking investment.



Thanks, Torsten. I have an additional MIDi in and out on my soundcard. If all else fails, I’ll just resort to using that or , like you mentioned, purchasing a new USB MIDI interface.

I appreciate your advice!