Using two audio interfaces at the same time

So far so good. I am running Ableton Live for backing tracks, bass, vst effects routing, and click in a Soundcraft UI 24R with their 32 track audio interface. At the same time, I am using Cantabile 3 for may VST synths on the same computer with an Audiobox22 VSL. While Ableton is servicing the performance tracks, I am playing software synths from the same computer using another interface connected (so I am using 2 different audio interfaces for two softwares, on the same computer.) So far, it has been working well. Anyone see a catastrophe brewing? Is there something I should consider that could bring disaster? Any thoughts about my approach? Thanks.

Why not using the C3’s built-in media player to playback your tracks?

Very good question. We have 6 different lines we send to the soundman (via Ableton live). 1 is bass, one is for Vocal Cues/click (for in ears only) R/L Backing tracks for rhythm, R/L backing tracks for background vocals (using a Steinberg UR28M). Sending multiple signals to the sound man allows them to mix each individually. Another audio interface from the same computer is running C3 (Audiobox VSL22) soft synths (by me). We play about 22 songs per gig.

We used C3 media player way back, but got vicious complaints about the inability to adjust the bass track etc. individually. Not all rooms are the same. The individual signals have definitely raised eyebrows and nods from soundmen.

When our band plays without a soundman, we run tracks internally with our UI24R patching system built into the mixer. Again, every house is different, so we split up signals.

The real fun happens when we get to split $800 to $2000 between 4 guys instead of (like) 8.

I simply can’t find anyone out there that is doing what we are doing, and I am wondering why. I am an anxious person, as it is. Instead of viewing our setup in a positive light, I trip on whether we are skating on thin ice that is about to break, which may be why no one does what we do.

Thanks for responding!

You only need a 10 outputs audio interface such as Focusrite 18i20. I use it live sending separate channels to the mixing console so the sound engineer can manage them separately. C3 can play all the tracks you need. You have separate output for metronome (click). All tracks stay synced. That’s all. Easy with C3!