Using the Line 6 Helix with Cantabile

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I decided to get another guide written and out of the way today before I start getting more focused on music as the nights are now drawing in.

This one shows you how to use the excellent Line6 Helix as a controller for Cantabile, setting up all of the functionality in a linked rack that can be used across the songs in a set list.

The linked rack:

  • Listens out for Helix patch changes and links them to Cantabile Song changes;
  • Listens to Helix foot switches programmed to provide MIDI Machine Control (MMC) Start and Stop Commands to control the Cantabile Transport;
  • List to a Helix foot switch programmed to provide a CC toggle which is used to select different song states within Cantabile.

I hope the guide is found to be useful. Even if you do not have Helix, the techniques are applicable to other devices. I created this Helix Rack quite a few years ago, but with recent Cantabile additions since then I have been able to improve and simplify the rack, and it was a good way to learn about some of the new Cantabile features.

[](https://Using the Line 6 Helix with Cantabile)

@brad I am happy for you to link to this guide.


Thanks for making the guide, I’m going to study it to see if I can get more ideas for my FCB1010 and AmpliTube. Now that I’m not trying to use my FCB1010 as bass pedals I’ve dedicated it to AmpliTube 5. I replaced the PROM in it with the Eureka 3.2 chip. I could probably get away with using the factory chip by using Cantabile to tame it but it has a mode called PP that lets you shift using the Up and Down pedals through 5 modes - the best one is labeled SP (Special Mode) - 5 program changes in the top row (pedals 6-10 and 5 on/off switches for bottom row for turning effects on or bypass (pedals 1-5) plus volume and wah.

The other four modes are one for just sending notes, another is just CC control values, another is 10 pedals of program changes and finally one for programming.

I’m going to write it up and post a how to here.

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No, problem. I was hoping it would be useful for somebody. I elected to do it for myself as you often forget how/why you do things, and as mentioned above, recent changes in Cantabile made it worth revisiting to simplify certain bindings.

I do very similar control with my Roland FC300 on my keyboards, so I am sure it is all doable with the FCB. The general principles will be the same regardless of foot controller as long as you can “learn” the messages it sends when you press the different pedals.

The FC300 is interesting in Patch Mode, because it puts out what you program it to.

I’ve been using the FCB 1010 on gigs for several years now, with c3. Love it… in fact I have three of them, one for my Florida band, one for my New York band, and one as a traveling back up. I also love that I can move changes to the configuration easily from one location to the other, just with a config file on my flash drive.
Everybody has different needs and preferences, but I stayed with the stock chip, and use song and rack states for everything. I tried using the stomp pedal mode for a while but I found that song states were easier and didn’t require me to think… I have one button with orange tape on it which is my advance for the song States, and that covers me 99% of the time. If you can find it, mountain systems makes a free PC editor for the FCB. It works great on Windows 7, but it’s a bit touchy on Windows 10, even in win 7 compatibility mode.

Dave Dore gave me a double tap play and stop rack which has been really helpful on backing tracks… You can program various important functions as a double tap so you don’t accidentally hit the wrong switch. And another rack where one of the expression pedals changes states… Very handy on songs where you just have a rhythm and a lead.

I also have c3 mapping some of the cc commands to various channels or different cc’s, so each button can do various duties on various songs. I just use show notes to remind me what that button is doing on this song. For example, button one is my sax growl for states where I’m playing my EWI. On another song it plays a 4-second sound effect on a media player. And on another it’s a sustain pedal.
I’m sure you can figure out how to get it to work for your needs but don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions.

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Hey Derek,

Sorry for the slow reply on this. (I was clearing out my inbox and realized I hadn’t done this).

Thank you so much for putting these guides together. I’ve added the links to the main Cantabile guides and given you your own section heading :slight_smile:



No problem - I know what is like to not have enough hours in the day! Hopefully the guides are of use to folks. They also help me when I have forgotten how to do something! :slight_smile:

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