Using the controls in the Roland A-800pro

Hi all! I purchased an A-800 a little while ago, to use as a controller in my live rig. I have the keys working, which is much of what I am used to using, but I’m trying to get the knobs and sliders talking, as well. I’ve tried loading the Generic Controller map (18) and the GM2 map (16) that can be downloaded from the Roland support site. When I load them to the controller, it reports that it is receiving data, but if I dial the knobs or slide the faders, I don’t see any midi activity in the monitor in Cantabile. Am I missing a step? Thanks in advance! cv

The A-800 has can direct to its MIDI to three MIDI ports - virtual ports 1/2 over USB and the physical DIN MIDI port. I would place a bet that your MIDI is heading to the wrong port, especially when using USB.

Rather than download maps it would be wise to roll your sleeves up and make your own with the editor app - you will then begin to understand how it works.

The A-800 is a clever controller, but it takes time to master.

The two USB ports are actually a very smart feature. For myself I dedicate one port to background rack functions only, which simplifies my system.

Thanks Mellon! After years of playing them, I’m starting to work out controlling them. While I have you, can I just use any of the CC channels (other than those dedicated to volume, pitch bend, etc.) and just “learn” the correct ones where I want them? In other words, put CC 11 on Rotary 1, and make it control LPF freq, regardless of what it’s actually named to do? This is almost the rabbit hole that DMX lighting can be. Thanks! cv