Using states to control balance levels of different programs within one plugin

Here’s what I would like to do, but I can’t figure out how:

  • I have one instance of a plug, say Kontakt
  • The plugin has different sounds/programs on different midi channels
  • I would like to have song states, in which the relative balance levels of the programs in that plugin, change one a by-state level
  • I know I can have the whole plugin volume controlled by state, but that’s not what I want - I want the programs within the plugin to have different relative balances, by state

Is that possible? If so, how? Any hints would be appreciated!

The most flexible way is to set up Kontakt to have multiple audio outputs, which you send each sound to. Cantabile will see that as multiple audio outputs, and so you can control the volume of each output route independently using states.

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I have just been working with Kontakt on this. There is a nice feature I forgot about I use to use with Forte.

Open an instance of Kontakt, preferably one that is already setup in a rack. Notice the Browser side to the left (you may have to open the Browser using the little icon that looks like 3 white squares). The Browser menu has Libraries, Files, Database, Expert, and Automation choices. Pick Automation. That will display a two-choice menu of Host Automation and MIDI Automation underneath the Browser menu. Choose Host Automation. Underneath you will see a list of around 500 numbered parameters. These are the choices you will find in Cantabile’s Bindings drop down for Kontakt (NOT Kontakt - MIDI in).

To use one of these parameters, left click on it and drag it to the Kontakt control you want to use–any Kontakt control. You will see the name of the control populate in the list of parameters. Now, you can setup a C3 binding with any input, setting the Target as Kontakt, then the drop down as your item to control. C3 will give you the parameter number and the control name.

Now, within the State Behaviors for Kontakt, you will find in State Behavior-Plugin list labeled with the item to which you dragged the parameter number! Using a Binding, you can control it with the rack, or export the control to the Song level.

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Although, all that said, Neil’s way may be easier.

@RackedBrain, good to have an alternative. I think they’re probably both equally difficult/easy, it’s just a matter of whether the volume is applied inside or outside Kontakt.

The benefit of doing it via automation is that you can just have a single stereo output from your plugin, so the Cantabile routing is simpler. The benefit of doing it via routes is that you get more visibility of your levels, without going into the plugin GUI. Horses for courses :slight_smile:

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Thx @Neil_Durant & @RackedBrain - I’ll play with both options. First sounds easiest to me with the disadvantage of clutter in the cantabile routing panel - but perhaps added visibility of what’s going on. I’ll post back to tell you which I end up liking best!

Yes, and you can control ANY of the hundreds of Kontakt’s twiddly bits with Host or MIDI controls not just volume. There is some kind of glitch in it though. Doesn’t seem to work perfectly and I haven’t got it narrowed down. When States are locked, even doing Update/Save doesn’t guarantee it will save. I unlocked all my States and that seems to work well. More research needed before I can say “bug”.

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