Using spacebar to start the media player playback?

Is there an easy way to configure the spacebar to trigger a play event on the media player? I know how to configure the spacebar to change some aspect of the GUI using the menu -
options - hotkey screen, but not sure how to bind it to a media player operation (or equivalently use the spacebar to fire a midi event that I can bind to the media player). If not, not a big deal - it’s easy to bind the media player “play” to a spare button on my controller keyboard. I’m just so conditioned to hit the spacebar when learning a new song on Transcribe! that I find I keep doing so once I use Cantabile.

Hi Jim,

Assuming you have only 1 media player or the one you are using is the top most in the list (Index #1) then this binding should do it. You have to teach it the PC key you want by pressing in the ‘Event’ field and following the dialog box for accepting a new keystroke. If you want it to work on all songs put it in the Background Rack.


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Awesome, both in speed of your reply and flexibility of Cantabile! Thanks, works a treat.