Using Program Changes to Trigger Media Players - Can I Filter?

I just picked up a FCB1010 MIDI Foot Controller, hoping I can use it to trigger samples while I’m playing horn. The pedals (by default) send Program Change signals, and I used MIDI-OX and Learn Bindings to set up each pedal to trigger the correct samples. Problem is, they also send the Program Change signals to the VSTi and physical keyboards! Can I filter this down somehow so that they hit Cantabile and trigger the samples, but don’t send all the other instruments spinning into oblivion?


Dumb question 1: can you reprogram the FCB to send different messages like note on or CC?

Dumb question 2: I’m not sure why you are using MIDIOX as well?

Assuming you can’t change the FCB you could route it’s input into a linked rack and do some processing to filter the messages that you want to trigger your samples and send them to a different port, passing everything else on as usual. Connect other racks to these port outputs, not direct to the FCB MIDI input

Hello, take a look here:

Thanks, Derek-- Dumb questions are fine, because I’m certain all I have are dumb answers! Yes, I believe I can reprogram the FCB to send different messages. I was hoping there was an easier software-based solution, but that might be cleanest.

I was using MIDI-OX just to decipher the incoming signals and make sure I knew what was coming in with each pedal. I realized after the fact I could have just done “learn binding” and skipped that step, though.


Thanks, @TheVork! I don’t’ have my pedal at work, but I’ll give it a try when I get home. I’m assuming the strategy here is to route it to something like a CC message that wouldn’t trigger anything on the other boards?

It does about anything.

I’m stuck on how to get it to send messages to Cantabile. I created a patch, but the only “device” available under Actions to send the signal to is the Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth. Looks like in FCB V2 for Mac, there’s a screen where you can create targets, but that doesn’t exist in Win V1.