Using portsfor grouping


I have several synths and a guitar VST, and I want to use a midi controller to blend between these. I can’t find a way to set all the synths’ level though, I gotta bind separately to each one. Won’t it be great if I could make a custom port, send the synths output to it, Then in the ports dialog, route it to the PA, while the guitar signal is routed to the amp. And be able to create a binding to the level of that virtual port, so I can easily blend.


The secret is to use a “keys master rack” as a means to control the total level. Send the output from each synth to the input of this rack, connect the rack output to the PA, and then control the output level with a binding to the level of this rack. You don’t necessarily need to put any plugins into this rack - as a minimum, simply connect the input port to the output port within the rack. But you could also refine the overall synth sound with a master EQ or a compressor within that rack - or how about a common reverb?

You can use multiple such “aggregation” racks within a song - I use a cascade of two: one for my main keys blend, consolidating the input of all the individual racks that make up my main sound (solo synths and samplers don’t go into that one) and one overall keys master rack to control overall volume. Both of these racks are controlled by separate faders.

The main keys rack also contains a reverb and a delay for main keys. These are connected to separate rack inputs (you can create additional input ports for a rack), and my source racks have two or three output routes - one to the main input and others for effect send to reverb and delay. This way, I can have individual levels of reverb or delay for each of my sources.



Hi Torsten,

Makes sense - I’ll get that going.