Using multiple keyboards with C3

Is there a way to setup C3 so that no matter what keyboard is connected it works without needing any adjustments?


PS: same question I guess for controllers (viz Korg Nano series et al)


Not 100% sure what you are after, and it might help if you explain it a little further.

What are the differences between your keyboards? What are you look to work without making adjustments? I mean, MIDI note information is pretty abstracted anyway :slight_smile:

Use common CC configurations across your keyboards is also another step before you get anywhere near Cantabile. E.g. CC1 is always mod, CCx is filter, CCy is resonance, etc.

Essentially, I think you would need to build an abstracted view of your keyboard options in a Rack, and you drive Cantabile from the output of that rack, with the rack hiding any differences between the keyboards by using Cantabile routes, filters and transformations to manipulate the data.

Not sure why you posted this twice with slightly different titles - here my reply on the other thread: Using C3 with multiple keyboards?

Yeah sorry Torsten I posted one (well thought I posted one) then when I went back later to check on replies I could not find it. So I thought I must have somehow neglected to tap the post box…so I re-did the post. This one can be deleted by the administrators as a double post in error!