Using midi controller in Cantabile and DAW simultaneously

The way things are now, I have to close my DAW (Mixcraft) in order for the keyboard to be recognized in Cantabile, and vice versa. For example, if I’m using the keyboard with Cantabile and then open Mixcraft, it doesn’t recognize midi impulses from the keyboard. It remains dedicated to Cantabile (or which ever app is opened first). Is this just a characteristic of midi- that it doesn’t work in 2 applications simultaneously, or is there a way to set this up successfully?

Hi Lees,

Yep, that’s a “feature” of MIDI devices in Windows. One work around would be to use virtual MIDI cables and something to route between them.

eg: you could use Cantabile as the router. Create a custom Cantabile configuration with the Null Audio driver and MIDI routes to route from your real MIDI device to 2 x virtual MIDI cables.

MIDI Device -> 
    Cantabile Router ->
        1. LoopMIDI virtual MIDI Cable -> Program A (normal Cantabile instance)
        2. LoopMIDI virtual MIDI Cable -> Program B (Mixcraft)


Thanks Brad. I think I’m going to need a little more help with the specifics.

Here you go:


Wow! AWESOME customer support Brad! Thank you. :grinning:

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