Using MCU to control transport?


Is there any way to do this in Cantabile?

I’ve got myself an Arturia Keylab 88 MKII and the transport buttons only use MCU protocol. I was wondering if I can use this in Cantabile?




There is a HUI switch decoder filter in the MIDI filters for input routes. It should help.


Thanks Dave, I’ll have a look into that.



Found this Pierce …



MCU is simply note on/off messages for transport controls.

Here are my Background Rack mappings:

Rewind and fast forward bindings aren’t currently supported by Cantabile, but Brad is aware. Hopefully it’s on a list somewhere.


That’s brilliant @The_Elf! I’d forgotten that my Keylab has a 2nd MIDI out (over USB) that transmits the transport and control stuff. That’s why it wasn’t coming up using ‘learn’ for bindings…

Cheers all.



Thanks for reviving this thread! I had tried using the transport controls on my Keylab 61 mkii, and finally just gave up and used the row of assignable buttons right above the transport controls. But will try these suggestions. Thanks @dave_dore and @The_Elf


I’ve got both MMC and MCU commands mapped to Cantabile to satisfy my most-used controllers.

If you check other threads you will find that I have pretty much mapped the entirety of a Behringer X-Touch to Cantabile, which runs as an MCU controller. I’ve created a Cantabile Linked Rack mixer based on the MCU protocol, which makes setting up new songs a real doddle.

My Roland A-500 also has the ‘dual MIDI port over USB’ feature, and it really is very useful for working with Cantabile. I direct all my background controllers to one port and my performance controls to the other.