Using Keyscape and pianoteq for resonnance

i’d like to use keyscape with the resonnance of pianoteq.

this video show the process for bitwig or any other daw

but i’m a total noob and i can’t find a way to do this in cantabile.
is this possible?

sorry for bad english :slight_smile:

This is what I’ve been doing. I think it’s right, where velocity on Pianoteq is zero’ed. Needs to be Pianoteq Pro, though, to allow audio input.

Others feel free to chime in.

PS, 我的中文不太後
Welcome to the forum! You can do just about anything pretty easily on Cantabile…

Hey! thank you.

this is what i’ve been doing, but i had the impression that i could hear both the sound at the same time (the velocity on pianoteq is zero’ed). feels like pianoteq is not sidechain.
maybe my ear were tired, i’ll try again.
thanks again

i have another issue, setting up trackspacer.
i have created another stereo input in tranckspacer and assign to sidechain, but it doesn’t work as intented
omnisphere goes into the normal input and pianoteq to the sidechain

what am i doing wrong?

Edit: ok, i just needed to connect omnosphere to the mainspeaker aswell, and it seems to work fine. :slight_smile: