Using Jamstix 4 with Cantabile3

I’m trying to integrate Jamstix 4 (a VST Drummer) into some of my songs. Though the band has a good drummer it may be useful for training or jam sessions.
However, it is not possible to make presets with rack states like with VST-Synths/-effects since there are many non vst patameters in this software.
I tried to load a new instance of Jamstix for every song. That works in principle but every instance loads the samples new even if there is the same drum kit used by all instances - and there are crashes every now and than when closing the setlist or shut down cantabile3.
If someone has more success with Jamstix - every advice appreciated.


Old message, hopefully ukm is around for my two cents regarding using Jamstix with Cantabile.

Jamstix creates drum parts on the fly each time you hit play in Cantabile so there is a lot going on inside the VST. Version 4’s interface has a 3D model of the drums that shows each pedal movement and sticking. I’ve found that useful for bass practice.

The CPU percentage used varies depending on what you’ve set up in the song. I try to keep the rest of the song simple when I’m using Jamstix to develop drum parts. Usually I just use VB3 or TruePianos which run fine with Jamstix.

Jamstix has a mode where it can react somewhat to what you’re playing (you feed it the output of the VST you’re playing) which is fun.

I suppose Jamstix could be used live, it’s “brain” is intended to model actual drummers, the developer, Ray Zeuner, is constantly adding new “drummers” which represents sets of actions, fills and style elements that a drummer such as “Gavin” (the latest addition) might perform. I find the default settings to be quite good for the grooves but accents and fills can be too much. You can pick the drummer and then direct it to be “restrained”. Then you can go into the panel for fills and dial it back. Ray is very helpful on the forum and another person there, a_azimuth is really responsive. There are lots of little tricks you can do to get the Jamstix “playing” to match what you have in mind, an example is you can pull elements of one player (drummer) into another.

On the Rayzoon Soundcloud page you can hear examples of what people have created.

If a run through of a song sounds good you can lock the bars you liked so they don’t change in subsequent plays of the song. You can also export the midi to a file. I have done that and then used the C3 media player to feed that midi back into Jamstix running in its midi playback mode. You can also drag midi drum parts into Jamstix and it will use that as the basis for the groove.

Jamstix has fairly good samples, I usually just use those but it comes with built in maps for the default drum kits in Superior Drummer, Addictive Drums, BFD etc.

Jamstix is a VST that requires a good amount of effort to get under control, it’s been worth it for me because the rock, blues and swing drumming it can “play” are pretty good for organ practice.

Hello Doug;

I use Jamstix since the first release (2000+n) and I like it because I don’t have to use those boring MIDI files.
For the use with Cantabile3 I prepare the drums on my studio computer and export audio files that I can use in cantabile songs. At the moment there is no need to use Jamstix 4 live loops. I tried it out - works fine but normally I don’t have time during live playing to trigger the drums.
One could use MIDI export in Jamstix4 and integrate Jamstix in Cantabile songs but until now MIDI export in Jamstix doesn’t work reliable.

Hi Ulrich,

Glad you responded, it’s great another active Jamstix user is here on the forum. Thanks for heads up on the Jamstix export to MIDI issue.I’m going to look into that so I know what’s going on with that.

I elaborated in my answer so other readers on the forum who aren’t familiar with Jamstix would get an idea what we are discussing. .

I have tried using Jamstix with Superior Drums 2 samples but for practicing or songwriting I think the expanded Jamstix sounds are fine.

Hello Doug;

I used superior 2 and addictive drums with Jamstix before but with Jamstix 4 I can get good results with the internal sounds too.

Hi Ulrich,

I 've installed Jamstix 4.2.2 Beta 3 and been using it for practice for about a week with no crashes etc.

One of the items is:

  • fixed a problem with MIDI export missing notes under certain circumstances

Hello Doug;

thanks for the info; I’ll try it out.

I’m returning this thread to share some interesting Jamstix drumming a group of Russian guitar players developed that sounds something like drumming in the more “metal” oriented Porcupine Tree recordings.

Preface - Jamstix has “Drummers” who exhibit certain tendencies (bass drum triplets for example - of course it’s drummer “John”), to which you can apply “Styles”. Then you can vary “Power Level” which causes the drummer to do things like ride the ride cymbal. You can dial back the average length of fills and many other parameters.

They used drummer “Gavin” combined with a style called “Funky Drummer” from the “Breakbeat” collection. BTW, they are unabashed guitar “noodlers”.

Funky Porcupine

Here’s the thread on the Jamstix forum:
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