Using external midi synths

I am new user in Cantabile and find it very useful and powerful apllication to control my livesetup.
Though I have a problem that I cant find a solution on.
I have 2 synths, Nord 5D and Montage 6. I have setup midi in port and midi out port for both in Cantabile.
The synths setting is Local Off to controll all midi routing. My problem is that even when im not setting up a midi route from in to out the the synt is still sounding. If I do setup a route I am getting a doubletriggering.
This means I cant control when to disable the synts internal sound.
Any solution for this?

I Believe I solved this my self.
Created a new setlist from scratch and the problem is no more

Hi andersskoog and Welcome to the forum!

I’m glad you got it sorted out. I saw your post and couldn’t understand why it wouldn’t work the way you set it up. I hope we can help if you are still having issues.