Using Cantabile with Novation SL61 MkIII

I am struggling to figure out how to get Cantabile to send controller knob updates from the VSTi (the ‘VB-II’ Organ plugin for example) to the SL61 MkIII. Has anyone been sucessful in doing so?

Yes, I’m doing something similar - but not with a Novation SL61.

To send information from a VST to a MIDI controller (or in my case, a MIDI plugin), you’ll need to create bindings from the relevant VST parameters to a MIDI port and send CC values. See this section from my Blue3 organ rack:

I use this to

  • update my “Organizer” plugin script with current drawbar positions
  • send the current state of my organ plugin to a TouchOSC interface on my iPad

Works nicely

Thanks Torsten!
I will try your suggestion of using bindings.