Using Cantabile with e-Media Keyboard tutor

Can cantabile be used with the e-Media Keyboard tutor software?

I think the e-Media software needs a direct midi connection to your keyboard so you probably can’t use it with Cantabile. Cantabile can run VST’s but not entire software packages like the e-Media Keyboard tutor.

Thank you, Doug, for your reply.
I managed to get around to use eMedia software with Cantabile by using the loopMIDI to create a virtual connection, but is not very straight forward. However I managed to do the same a lot easier with Ableton Live using the same virtual midi connection.
Kind regards and again many thanks.

Hi Justiniano - glad you got it sorted out. Yes, Ableton (and Reaper) are a good choice for things like this. If you perform live with a midi controller and VST’s you definitely should use Cantabile.