Using Cantabile for Multiple Performers

Cantabile looks great for a single performer to change effects, but can it be used for a number of performers?

I’ve used Ableton Live to change effects for 2 guitars, bass, and 4 vocals, but there issues with this.

Can Cantabile support multiple simultaneous inputs, audio routing and outputs, and does anyone use it in this way?

Many Thanks!

It can definitely be used in that way. It all depends on the interfaces you use as to how many MIDI/Audio inputs/outputs you have available.

I did tread this path once, but it became easier in my instance to let each player control his own rig - plus it avoids trusting all the eggs to one basket.

Thanks The_Elf - that’s great!

Yes, the single point of failure is a worry, but the alternative means that everyone would need their own computer and plug-in licences.