Using Cantabile for keyboard (General MIDI/internal patch) changes

Hello! Please forgive me if I lack any proper terminology needed to explain things. I was interested in using Cantabile as an alternative to Mainstage, mainly, using it to control patch changes for my MIDI-connected keyboard. My question is this -

I believe that it is possible to use the program to change sounds that are used with a MIDI keyboard. I was wondering if it is possible to use or set up an environment where I can use Cantabile for internal (keyboard-specific) patch changes. I use a Hammond SKX Pro that has both factory patches, user-created patches, and General MIDI.

Thank you for your time and consideration!

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Yes, you can definitely use Cantabile to send patch changes to an external keyboard. I use a Song>>On Load binding for each song to set up my keyboards, vocal processor, etc. for that song. You’ll need to look at the MIDI implementation for your keyboard to determine what commands need to be sent. Let us know if you need specific help and welcome to the forum !

– Jimbo