Using Cantabile as slave to play songlist

I’m trying to figure out how to use Cantabile as the slave to play songs in a playlist. I’m using Vmix to playback music videos and would like to trigger the Cantabile songs at the same time. It seems the only way would be with scripts thru network server. I got that going and can see the setlist on the server.
Now I’m not sure if I need to send a script from vmix and then a script in cantabile or just 1 script from vmix? I have no idea where to start. I see the" Load a song by program number" and think that would work on cantabiles end, I’m just not sure how to make each program communicate together? I’m totally new to this and need a place to start.
Thanks a bunch.


Can you send MIDI to Cantabile from Vmix?

In that case you can use bindings to listen to a MIDI message and use that to select songs, start the Cantabile transport, etc…

On a quick search, the following thread may be of interest