Using Cantabile and Backing tracks from DAW


1. How can I run videos flawless with every song
In QLC+, you can display video to a 2nd screen. It can be triggered via MIDI output from C3.

_2. Editing the midi from the media player, is this possible or maybe open the daw to edit when double clicking the part? _
We’ve got roughly 30 PC and CC changes per song, and I’ve been doing them with C3 Transport triggers. As you would expect, they execute flawlessly. They’re simple to edit during rehearsal, and they’re easy to set up offline if you’ve got a backing track as a reference.


Thx Robb !
Looks interesting ! I use DMXis for lights, but if this works for video that would be awesome. Other suggested external VLC, but I think that would be very difficult to manage.
I assume it’s a vst?

How do you guys work it out to have that live parts view? that follows the play location?


It’s not a VST, it’s a separate program, but it’s very lightweight. is the correct URL.

QLC+ can be configured to accept MIDI from Cantabile (using LoopMIDI), and configured to play videos based on MIDI PC or CC (you would configure the virtual console with buttons that start the videos, then bind the buttons to MIDI events).



In Welsh Floyd I kept video and backing tracks (and DMXIS plugin in Cantabile) on separate laptops as I did not want video affecting the backing tracks and VST performance.

I used Show Cue Systems 11 (a little clunky and fussy about video drivers), but works well for the video as you could trigger cues (videos) via MIDI. I used RTPMIDI to connect machines via a network connection. A Cantabile binding was used to trigger the relevant video when the transport started for each song,

It worked well. With a high spec machine I guess you could merge audio/light/video functions, but I preferred to keep them separate, and would probably do so again as I start to make more use of demanding plugins as well.


I use video all the time in Reaper and it works, as long as the VST are not to demanding. My other band the only and main vst is synth1, so thats no problem and my Depeche More it’s with Avenger synth, quite demanding, but it works out.
I’ll need to see how to run VLC via C3.


If you get Cantabile and VLC working together that would be cool.


well, problem is that I don’t know how to start it playing, in sync with the timeline


That’s why I went with SCS 11, as it was the only affordable package I found with the ability to kick the video transport off via MIDI