Using C3 with Microsoft Surface Pro

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Is anyone here running C3 from a surface pro? If so can you give details please…as in Surface pro model, what interfaces and cables being used etc etc.


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hmmm…I guess not haha!

I’d also be interested in experiences from other users.

@pax-eterna If you buy me one, I’m happy to evaluate C3 on it and let you know how it goes :smile:

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I used the Surface Pro (both 3 and 4, but not the Surface Book) with C3, and with C2 before that. That configuration worked fine. The reason I switched to a different laptop was that my Surfaces were primarily used for my IT work, and had additional business compliance and monitoring software installed and running on them that detracted from the performance when running C3.

As long as the Surface Pro can be dedicated and optimized for running C3, and it one of the higher-end models (i.e., at least an i5 processor with plenty of RAM and disk space), then it is a very good machine for running C3. My only complaint about it was that there is only one USB port (unless you go with the Surface Book), so using a USB hub is a must, preferably a powered hub.

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@ Neil you buy me one and I’ll do the same for you :wink:


@roland -robertson…thx good info!

I use Surface Pro 2 w/ Novation Audiohub. Works nicely even with Ivory piano.

The Novation gives you three usb ports to use. I’m using two controller keys and iLok there.

Fun to use because of the touch screen.

thanks…a surface 2 does well? that is good to know. Might make it cheaper haha!

Does the Novation use its own ASIO driver? I used my Surface Pro 4/Cantabile on Thursday with Ivory Piano and Lounge Lizard but using a Small Behringer USB mixer with ASIO4AALL, and had a few glitches during the performance where the sound was dropped momentarily - thankfully, a very short drop but disconcerting. I never had this with my Steinberg UR22 (which is inside my Hammond XK3 driving an HX3 and a number of plugins in Cantabile) so maybe it’s the Behringer that ASIO4ALL doesn’t like. The Steinberg driver hasn’t given any issues though I haven’t used it with Ivory. I used a powered hub into the Surface Pro 4 but the Novation’s built in hub certainly appeals.


Yes, on Windows you have to use Novations drivers.

I use a Surface Book (i7, 16GB RAM model) with a MOTU Ultralite interface. Works a treat.

thanks - but the i7 models are still too expensive out here :frowning: