Using bindings for mapping secondary controller

I’m trying to figure out how to use my Launchpad S and my keyboard at the same time.

I generally understand that I need to use racks. I have successfully used the background racks to create a binding to change states, etc. But, right now my biggest hangup is figuring out how to use bindings to use the launchpad as a drumpad and actually play notes. And, I also will want to use the controller to play and stop a recording. For each of those - and really primarily for the playing notes - what should the target/action be?

As always, I so appreciate the help!


Hi Lauren,

In this case you probably won’t need bindings. The LaunchPad sends MIDI Note On and off messages with velocity included so it is like another keyboard as far as Cantabile is concerned. Have you tried a simple route to a drum vst or a synth to see if that is the case? If not, go to the Routing Tab and try something like the example below and see what happens.