Using audio track markers to change states

Hey all,

I’ve been trialling all the vst host programs. Was leaning heavily towards C4 (amazing software), then discovered Brad. Sealed the deal, refreshingly incredible support and communication.

I watched the video on using States to advance the marker in an audio track. (Target - Media Player / Control - Next marker).
Is it possible currently to use a marker in a track to trigger a state change? (Basically the video in reverse!) I cannot see the control option in the source side of the media player.

I currently use a midi file with markers linedup in reaper with the audio to automate state changes, but if I could do it via the audio track, it removes a lot of extra effort.

Any help greatly appreciated

Hi Rob and Welcome to the forum!

There is not a direct way to do it in an audio track, you could use a parallel MIDI track with CC messages to bind to state changes. There are also Transport Position bindings that work off of the Main transport’s clock. To create them you advance to the marker position for the transport and use the Current position button in the dialog box to load the binding source and then you set the target to song or rack state and select your method. Here is a short tutorial to get you started …

choose transport position binding type for Source and use the “Use Current Position” button

advance to the marker to where you want it and press the “Use Current Position” button to set the source

set the target to a Song or Rack state and choose the state change method you want. ( I show “Load State by Program” in my example)

repeat as needed and you end up with a list of bindings that does the state change jobs for that song.

Hope this helps, :slight_smile:


Hi Dave,

Thank you for the fast reply, and more importantly for the incredible answer! Works perfectly. :+1: :+1: :+1:
Love this software and love this forum!