Using Alt Codes, Dingbats, Wingdings, Emoji and all Unicode Symbols and characters

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Using symbols in C3 is coming up more now so I thought I’d post on the different ways I’ve found to use symbols in Cantabile for notes, rack names, rack and song state names and the rack buttons. There are a number of ways to go. The easiest I find for Windows is the emoji window which can be called up with the key combination " Windows + . " or " Windows + ; " . This brings up the emoji window where you can choose which one to paste. But Paul points out below there are differences between Win 7 and 10 so read his post to get the details.

(Using Alt Codes, Dingbats, Wingdings, Emoji and all Unicode Symbols and characters - #4 by bartok2112)

The next way is the old ALT code method. This is done using the numeric keypad. First you press and hold the Alt key and then enter the Alt code between 0 and 255 to produce a standard or special character. These character codes are listed here

The third type I am familiar with is the Unicode tables method which uses the key combination of press and hold the Alt key then press the plus key on the numeric keypad and then enter the 4 digit hexcode from the tables. The 5 digit hex codes do not type in effectively so copying them is the way to get them. These tables are located here and allow for direct copy to the windows clipboard if you don’t want to use the key sequence.

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Good to know info. Thanks Dave.

BTW…aren’t Wingdings still a big party, way out in the country!

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Hey Corky,

They are still called that here where I live …:cowboy_hat_face::man_farmer: and I just used wingdings to illustrate it :rofl: oops i did it again :rofl: better stop now :stop_sign:)



The Windows + ; doesn’t work on Windows 7, only Windows 10.

The alt method works better on Windows 7, but doesn’t for C3’s utility buttons. You can do the alt method in a Word document, then cut and paste them into C3. Not all of them work, but some do.

  • Paul

Thanks Paul, I’ll edit the post to reflect this …


Which build of Cantabile are you using and which codes don’t work?

I’m using build 3647. I was trying to create a keyboard (alt+127929) for GUI open, a floppy (alt+128190) for saving the rack, and a double right arrow (alt+175) for next rack state.

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Hi @bartok2112

hrm… I think this might be a limitation of the Windows text input field. I just tried this in Windows Notepad and neither of the six digit codes bring up the emoji. Same problem in web browser address bar. Same in the text field in which I’m typing right now. ie: ╣ and ¥ instead of :musical_keyboard: and :floppy_disk:. In Word, however they work.

I think this is outside the scope of being a problem with Cantabile.