Using ABC for snippets of sheet music (demo with web UI support)


I’ve been doing some experiments with ABC and the built-in web server so I can put small snippets of riffs etc mixed in with my normal textual show notes.

For those that haven’t come across it before, ABC is a textual way to describe sheet music - best by example: abcjs editor

The first image is the output from some slightly hacky changes I did to the web UI layout and code. The second is the actual notes as added to the song in Cantabile itself.

(I’m using “fixed-width” as the indicator something should be parsed as ABC in the web UI).

So why am I sharing this?

First off, I think it’s cool for only a couple of hours effort, and I wanted to share :slight_smile:

Secondly, @Brad can we have some kind of content-type setting for song notes (and maybe launchers/parsers for content)?

Thirdly, can we maybe support ABC display natively in Cantabile itself?


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That’s neat! Would save having another window open showing sheet music. I currently use musicnotes but would prefer all in one window.

Hi @mmichaelc, I can share the files for the web UI if you want them?