Using a Virtual Cable Output in Cantabile

Hi, I am trying to use Cantabile to take my mic and midi input, run it through some vst’s, then output to discord. I have set up all of the inputs and vst’s and everything works great through the main out, but my virtual audio cable (VB-Audio) is not showing up as an output option. It is installed correctly and is showing up as an option elsewhere. I can change the sound device in Cantabile to WASABI Out - CABLE Input and the output appears but then of course my mic and midi no longer appear and I get an error message saying that Cantabile does not support using a virtual cable as a sound device. Can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong or another way of going about this? My end goal is to take all of the sound that Cantabile is producing and use it as an input in discord.

Paging @terrybritton… can you help @Sebastian?

Check out this thread: Routing ASIO Output to onboard audio input - #6 by hlbuck

That might help.

I think the idea is if Cantabile is using an ASIO device (for your mic input) then you can’t redirect that ouput as ASIO goes to direct to the hardware (that’s how I understand it, might not be accurate).
So you have to use something else to interface with Cantabile that can also interface with the virtual audio cable.

Sorry for the crude diagram. I think that’s right.


Use one of the flavors of Voicemeeter instead of Virtual Cable as it includes a virtual ASIO interface for Cantabile as well as two virtual cables built in (the VAIO and AUX VAIO sliders).
Tap off one of the “B” outputs for Discord. Pretty much the same arrangement one would use for Skype or Zoom. Seek YouTube videos on those routings.
I use Banana as it has more routing options than the original Voicemeeter.

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That’s a lot simpler :slight_smile:

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