Using a sequencer to play Cantabile on the same machine

Don’t know what I need to make this work. First an explanation of what I’m doing:

I use Cantabile Solo (about to upgrade) for live gigging. Two keyboards, etc. I run from my laptop and have a second laptop on which I record gigs and rehearsals. I record audio from everyone, as well as MIDI from Cantabile (between MIDI interfaces on both laptops).

After the gig, I transfer the recordings over to my Cantabile laptop and do any editing, fixes, and mixing. I also want to play with the Cantabile settings (volume mostly) to tweak the live setup.

Is there a way in software to play Cantabile from my sequencer? Or do I need to hookup a couple of MIDI interfaces to loop between Sonar and Cantabile.

Let me know if a picture will help here.

I think you just need a loopback MIDI driver, such as loopMIDI, which provides virtual MIDI in/out ports that are connected together. So you set your sequencer to play out to one virtual port, and set Cantabile to receive from the other “end”.


Yeah, I see no reason why the sequencer could not be set up as if it were the keyboards using an instance or two or LoopMIDI. You’ll just need to create the “fake” keyboard inputs in Cantabile Options.


LoopMIDI seems to be doing the trick.

Thanks for the help. I’ll let you know how it all turns out (and maybe post some examples).

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You can likely use aliases added to the “fake” keyboard names so you needn’t change any configurations when switching to the sequencer. Just mentioning that in case it hadn’t occurred to you!


Also - it’s a great way to set up MIDI files for Cantabile.