Using a pedal to trigger record - Superlooper [Solved]

OK,so I have Melda Superlooper in a rack. I find it does what I want and brings the possibility of live looping into Cantabile. I trigger the record function using a number of bindings. I also have a foot pedal running into a faderport which I use to trigger record. BUT I would like the pedal (a standard non-latching sustain pedal) to trigger on the DOWN stroke of the pedal. Currently I have to press DOWN/UP to trigger the record. Bindings are set to (1.000,0.000). It is not a major issue I just like to get rid of any physical latency and know that my pedal will trigger record on the DOWN press. What am I missing - I always miss something :slight_smile: :laughing:

Hi Beeellecee,

Can you post a screen shot of the binding you are using that isn’t doing it?


Hi Dave - this is my existing binding. Hope this helps. All I want is the pedal to begin recording on the down press and cease recording on the next down press - without needing to cycle through down/up, down/up

Edit: I should say my DAW is Studio One and I can achieve the right feel for pedal triggering there - but then Faderport is made by Presonus who make Studio One and they implement their own “version” of midi I believe

Hey Beeellecee,

I’ll be honest I haven’t seen a hookup like this so I can only fiddle with it so first I would try inverting the values on the target part of the binding to be 0.000, 1.000 and see what that does. Switch it back if it messes things up. Did you get the Note Source for the binding using MIDI learn and were there multiple choices in the learn list if you did do it that way?


Hi Dave

Yes, I tried inverting the values as a first port of call. The note source was taken from MIDI learn. Now, although Faderport works seamlessly with Studio One it is not so with other Hosts. Depending on what setting I put the faderport to I get either a control, or a note. Yes, there are normally several notes (on,off and any). I have tried various configurations. I CAN get the pedal to trigger record - it’s just it behave like a latching switch so I have to complete the full down/up cycle to record.

Well I fiddled with it a bit and I think you should try this.

First add a filter to the rack’s MIDI input port to convert the note to a CC message. right click on the rack with the looper and select the choice in the following picture.

Then open the MIDI In port and press MIDI Filters and then press Add and select the Note as Controller option.

And then set it like below and save the changes and save the rack

Then change your binding to a button Source for CC 0 and the target will only provide a choice of 1.000 for it’s value like below.

It works here on the initial note reception and doesn’t wait for a note off. Hope it works for you :slight_smile:



SuperDave !

:grinning: Thank you Dave!! I am going to try this later - will let you know how it goes!

Dave, I tried this but find that the pedal still needs down/up to trigger the record. (Helped me discover something more about filters though!). Love the walk-thru screenshots!


Actually my initial attempt I stupidly changed an entirely different binding! However I re-did itto match your exactly and the result was the pedal stopped triggering record at all. Could it be the pedal itself? I am using an old M-Audio non-latching sustain

Hi Beeellecee,

Sorry it didn’t work. If you can try a MIDI monitor on the input to the rack in question and see what exactly is being sent to it. On the song level right click on the rack and select MIDI Monitor for the input port and them take note of and a screenshot of the results so we can see what the faderport input is sending in more detail.

try pressing the foot pedal and holding it down to see what it produces as well as pressing down and releasing to see what it does.




So, going into the midi rack I have controller 0 - converted from F#7. The pedal is now triggering record in MSuperlooper - but as before, needing down/up switching of pedal, Here I have just captured 127…

OK, please navigate back to the filter we made and uncheck the filter so it is the original note you had from the faderport is what we see and repeat the MIDI monitor test and we’ll see what that shows. See if it waits for you to release before posting on the monitor.


With filter unchecked we are back to F#7. Note On (127) appears on the down stroke. 0 appears on the upstroke.

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Yay!!! Solved. I took the filter off, returned the binding to the initial setting with values 1.000, 0.000 - and I can trigger MSuperlooper on the downstroke of the pedal. Errr…no idea what happened but I think working through your examples, Dave, helped with a problem I have had for a couple of weeks now. Much appreciated. Love this forum for this reason - I never feel alone with a problem. Thanks Dave!


Glad you sorted it out!