Using 2 Audio-Interfaces


Currently I’m using Cantabile Performer with my Roland RD2000 in my band.
The RD2000 is working as an Audio-Interface to use samples and VSTs and the sound is going out through the main audio output of the RD2000.

Now we want to use click tracks at the same time during rehearsal and gigs.

Is it possible with Cantabile Performer to use two Audio-Interfaces at the same time to route the samples and VST-sounds trough the RD2000 and the click track through an other Audio-Interface?

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Hi Maddin and Welcome to the Forum! :slight_smile:

As far as I know this is not possible unless the USB Audio interface has multiple output ports. The RD2000 has a Sub Out but it isn’t a true separate port because you can only route the single stereo in to either the Main out or Sub out. I have an RD2000 and went with a separate interface that had 2 stereo outs. I have a Babyface Pro and a more affordable Behringer UMC204HD. Both allow me to do what you are wanting to do, have an isolated click track feed from the main instruments and media player outs in Cantabile. We use in ear monitors so it really helps. We don’t run it all the time but have a 2 measure cue that gets us started off right and then it’s all human from there as far as timing goes. I hope you find a solution. :slight_smile:



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I’d like to add that it is not Cantabile, but Windows that has the restriction that makes it impossible to have two or more audio interfaces at the same time.

Can you use the built in audio drivers ( Realtek, etc) to drive the headphone jack on your laptop for the click? You could send this thru an adapter to go balanced line into the mixer and it should give you pretty decent fidelity (48k/24bit).

I know, I know… it’s Windows audio! We’ve all been to hell and back with that scene!
If you clean out all your audio devices from the Device Manager: First go to View; show hidden devices… and clean out all drivers you are not currently using. You will need your Roland RD2000 and Realtek (or whomever does your onboard audio) and get rid of the rest by right click the device and uninstall… or… disable device.

This will keep Windows from scanning thru unnecessary hardware and causing multiplex glitching that Windows Audio is known for!

Yes, you could use the ‘headphone’ output to send the click.
However, the different latency of that audio output could cause de-sync with the ASIO drivers of the other audio interface.
You can only have one ASIO device a time. And a mix of ASIO and no ASIO is a big mess, IMHO.

Hi @Maddin,

usually you can’t use two ASIO devices at the same time. However, you could try VB-audio matrix and check if it solves your particular problem.


P.S. I have used it for a short time but I had to go back to Voicemeeter because my DAW of choice (Cakewalk by bandlab) seemed not compatible with VB-audio matrix).

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