Use your iPad as your monitor so you don't need to buy one (ext. monitor) or use a Surface Pro


Solution: Use an old iPad as my Windows Laptop monitor by using the app Duet Display. I install it on my laptop, pay $10 to install it on my iPad, connect my iPad via usb to my LT. Set laptop to stay one when the lid is closed, make the iPad the primary monitor (do not use mirror, it is not efficient use of the iPad display space since it inherits the windows resolution), mount the iPad in a place that is comfortable for eyesight. Enjoy C3 displayed on your iPad, don’t bother buying a touchschreen extended monitor or a Microsoft Surface Pro.


I recently started using a 10" Fire Tablet with Spacedesk(free). I use it on all my computers. It can be used wirelessly(wi-fi), or wired. I am actually able to use it on my Win 7, making it a touchscreen. Works flawlessly with no noticeable latency.

Android Version?

Why do I feel like the guy that bought the coke that was stepped on?




I purchased 2 refurb monitors 3 weeks ago, but they cancelled my order. I have some older monitors I used instead, but portability was not going to work for gigs. Looked into using a tablet as a monitor, and came up with above statement.:arrow_up:
There are a few good apps out there for this, and most of them are at a reasonable price. Was just glad it worked on a Fire Tablet as the proprietary OS limits many apps.


Yes, I saw the complaints about lag and connectivity with the Android apps/wireless. As a person that keeps his pants up with a belt and suspenders, I have to have a solid connection. That’s why I was able to sell and not get busted back in the day. Paranoia serves me well. May have costed me in this case.

I may try the program you indicated on my Galaxy S2 tablet. If it works smoothly that would be perfect.


Hi guys, since two years, I’m simply using M$ Remote Desktop free app on both android and IOS and it works like a charm.
My custom mini PC rack doesn’t have a monitor so I’m relying on the tablet (mainly Huawei 10") via a little wifi router to start and visualize cantabile, eventually switching to Web UI after launch.
Be aware to have a 5G mode in your router (5GHz frequency not the new 5G wireless technology) to avoid bad experience.
One time (over 100 gigs) the 2GHz band, have been crowded in the venue and I had difficulties to log my screen… Kind of blind playing!


Tried this with Spacedesk using my 9.7 in. iPad as monitor. Easy to set up, no lag, but the resulting UI on the iPad is so small as to be unusable.


Wow! So many great ideas and experiences. @LeesKeys that is why Duet Display can control the resolution independently if Windows Display is in Extended mode. I agree, that a 9.7" monitor is harder to see than a 15" laptop screen, for sure.


Never thought of the remote desktop trick. I am going to try it.


I’ve tried it, so my iPAD is a backup if my GeChic touch monitor fails, as opposed to having a spare touch monitor. Works well, just remember to set the RemoteDesktop so that the audio stays on the remote computer!

This SpaceDesk option looks interesting as it can clone the display, or act as a second monitor, which RemoteDesktop does not do, so it depends on your use case. RemoteDesktop is fine for me, as on stage, as I said, it is a backup.

I also use it on the studio to save setting up the GeChic Monitor. I just remote desktop into my gig PC from my DAW PC, which is closer to my keyboards in the studio, and it all works well. In the studio I have the GIGPC and DAW on a wired LAN (to make large transfers easy) and there is no screen latency when using remote desktop.