USB Troubles on laptop and hub

Hi all, suddenly I can hardly get any USB port to work correctly in cantabile. Plugged into laptop directly, I can see all keyboards and Scarlett 2i2. I can perform updates and such on all and generally manage them. The moment I’m in Cantabile I have to move ports around to get both keyboards to work. And I think I’ve figured out that I have to boot the computer up with them plugged into those ports and then start Cantabile. I can’t do after it’s running. Maybe one will work, but not both. And forget that cantible doesn’t seem to seem the keyboards anymore if plugged into usb hub. I tested using hub and everything shows when I go into Arturia midi lab to set up and update those keyboards. I’ve tried three hubs, all,powered. No luck. It was working yesterday, which is truly confounding.

Thoughts? It was usb disaster for me today. Had to,leave rehearsal and go home and try to problem solve. Another rehearsal in an hour. I think I can hobble through using the laptop ports, but my normal rig is no longer working…

Have you been connecting your devices to the same exact laptop ports, or have you been switching them up randomly. Windows has driver issues concerning multiple devices in multiple ports. Start reading here:

Yes, I was aware of that. It worked yesterday and when I went to practice today it’s possible i put them in different ports. This was an issue in previous laptop, so I was careful. Now it all doesn’t really work any more. Someone said to uninstall usb drivers… I think I might have done that on previous laptop. The weird thing is that other programs see those devices without issue. They’re not complicated programs like Cantabile, but it is concerning. With so many performances coming up I’m not sure my nerves can take this. I’ve been thinking of moving back to hardware synths I can load samples into…

If I unsintall a usb driver, which one on the list should I uninstall?

Before you do that, go to C3, Options>Midi Ports>Main Keyboard (or whatever you named it) and make sure the boxes for your devices are checked. I had a problem awhile back where the boxes had become unchecked. You need to do this while your devices are connected. Try that 1st before messing with drivers.

Try this. Open the windows Device Manager. From theV View menu, select “Show Hidden Devices”. Click on “> Sound, video, and game controllers”. Click on each instance of your MIDI device and delete the instance, but don’t delete the driver. Reboot and try again. Sometimes this works.

AFAIK this issue is related to the “maximum number of midi drivers” bug that plagued Windows for years (and was one reason OSX was so much better), it should be solved in Windows 10, are you on an older Windows version perhaps?

Here’s an article from Korg describing the issue and providing a patch-type fix.

The only real fix I know is to use Windows 10.

Actually, @RackedBrain is correct. That is how I fixed the problem on my WIN 7. @pax-eterna also explained another way here:
Midi input is a moving target - #8 by pax-eterna

@vargo001 said the midi devices were visible on other programs, so it may not be a Windows problem, which is why I suggested looking into the C3 midi ports 1st. Win 7 is working just fine for me. Until we get more info from Keith, we really won’t know.

That’s more of a patch than a fix but it’s always good to know alternatives. It seems less painful than upgrading Windows for sure.

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There is also a Microsoft utility called DevCon (device console) that can be used to remove unused devices… but not their drivers. The company I work for builds material handling machinery, and our software people run the utility to clear all of the unused ports before we send the computers out.

I have used it from a batch file to remove all of the usb routings. Then you need to make sure you always plug the same device into the same port… religiously!


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I think this was is it. Thanks! Sorry for the long delay. I performed multiple gigs, including night before COVID lockdown started and all went well. Except…my brother was second person in my state to get it and he’d cooked for whole family 3 days before. He was calling and texting both me and my spouse while we were on stage. We got off stage, checked our messages, and proceeded to not hug, shake hands, etc. anyone who congratulated us afterwards. Luckily we were not infected. This seems like forever ago…

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