USB PID changing

I have been experiencing an issue where my controllers stop working. I have traced this to the USB PID spontaneously changing. For example my DMC-122 originally showed up as midi input “DMC-122”. But after a while I was getting nothing from DMC-122. I deleted it and added back in, but now it was “2 DMC-122”. This happened a few times with the number increasing. I had been working on my cabling so I chalked it up to that. But today it happened again with no changes to my USB cables. I’m back to plain old “DMC-122”. Has anyone else experienced this? Any suggestions to prevent it?

I believe using ‘aliases’ can address this.
Could be wrong ……

I have not tried to use aliases, but my understanding is that it can map a single physical device to multiple names. Though I’m not sure why I would want to do that. I could be wrong. Worth taking another look.