USB Hub and PID file

I need to expand the number of USB ports on my Thinkpad T490 laptop. I decided to use a USB Hub. I am connecting my audio interface (MOTU 838Mk3) and my keyboard (Yamaha XF6) to the hub. Everything works as it should I and am not experiencing any performance issues with this setup. However, when I start Cantabile (ver 4 build 4064) I get that popup window indicating that Cantabile may not have shut down cleanly. When I shut down Cantabile it appears to shut down fine. After I exited Cantabile I looked into the system folder and noticed that the PID file was still there. I have another USB Hub by a different manufacture and it does the same thing. Was just wondering if anyone can offer an explanation for this behavior. Thank you.

I did some additional testing today. I have confirmed, I believe, that Cantabile does not gracefully handle a USB Hub. I have tried three different hubs, in both of the USB A ports on my laptop, different devices (trackball, MPD drum pads, XF6 Keyboard, MOTU Audio Interface) plugged into the hub. I even changed the order of the devices that were plugged into the hub. In every case Cantabile failed to delete the PID file. If I only have one device plugged into the hub the PID gets deleted, which defeats the purpose of the hub. When I take the hub out of the system everything works as expected and the PID is deleted.

My Cantabile uses a nonpowered USB hub to run a MIDI IO Box, a DAC/ADC, and a USB jump drive as needed. I’ve never noticed a problem with the Hub or a Cantabile crash related to the presence of the Hub.


If you’re not using a powered hub that may be worth trying. There are several users here that have switched over to powered hubs and successfully resolved any issues they were having.

I have had issues with running the audio interface through a hub - do you have a spare port that you can use for the audio interface directly into the pc, and then use the hub for all the other peripherals?

As it turns out, and TorstenH is correct, it looks like my MOTU is the likely culprit. I’m still testing but I put my pads and trackball on the hub and so far so good. I also went and cleaned up (deleted) every instance of the MOTU in Device Settings. Apparently there was an instance for every port/USB Hub I plugged into. Thank you all for your feedback.

:+1:, i think that was it. thank you

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