Upgrade Win10 to Win11

Hi all
I wanted to ask if there are any contraindications in Cantabile by installing Windows 11.


None that I have encountered. I made the switch about a year ago and haven’t looked back. My setup is running like a top, especially since the 24H2 update.

Windows 11 Home, version 22H2, about 6 months now, no issues with Cantabile. (I will spare you my general Windows/Microsoft rant.)

Good Luck

I have windows 11 on one of my machines and have been running Cantabile for a year and a half now. No problems. I actually like Windows 11 better than 10.

Windows 11 is getting very mac like :wink:

I am about make the jump to WIN11 on my DAW PC after sorting out what was stopping it (TPM not being enabled in the BIOS, but of course it does not tell you that directly) but my GIGPC does not meet the minimum processor spec - but it is seven years old. So , assuming I keep gigging beyond this year, I will be upgrading the GIGPC as I am really taxing the CPU and could do with more CPU headroom.

Note that Microsoft will stop WIN10 updates in 2025.

All my live machines on Win 11 - no issues in operation.

But there can be issues during the upgrade process around plugin license management. Most notably, my iLok licenses weren’t recognized by plugins after upgrading one of my machines from 10 to 11. What finally solved it was moving the authorizations to a physical iLok and then back to the machine. Not sure what I could have done without a spare iLok…

It’s a good point. Before doing any major changes it is best to de-authorise all iLOK licenses tied to a computer to be on the safe side

I know some will say that is why they do not use iLOK, but quite a few products require it, and other than watching out for this I have had no issues.

Quick question: i should upgrade on my one Laptop.
I don’t have to format, but only proceed with the upgrade. I have several ILok licenses and would like to see if I could have problems.
I have an ILok USB stick, but I don’t have used it: maybe I should move my licenses?

All you need to do before any major upgrade is to de-authorise your plugins on your old laptop using iLok Manager, then perform the upgrade, install everything new and then use iLok Manager to re-authorise your plugins. the thing to watch out for is upgrades that are. major change of OS or computer hardware as iLOK is looking for such.

I did this a few years back when I upgraded my old DAWPC, which was a complete replacement and reinstall of all software and had zero issues. The key thing is to remember to de-authorise first before doing any big job.

Thank you Derek.
Is it complicated to transfer licenses to the ILok USB flash drive?
I think I have a dozen or more, so I don’t want to mess around…

Same principle but you need a flash drive. It’s not difficult to de-authorise and re-authorise

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I moved the licences to the USB stick successfully.
One detail: one vst licence was loaded (I have more than one vst licence), while the remaining ones remained installed on the Laptop.
I hope this is normal!
I tried to move them (but did not complete the move!) from USB ILok to Laptop, the words ‘confirm deactivation’ appeared and then confirm the licence move. This was to understand the reverse process in case there were problems with the licences not being recognised.
I hope this is all normal!!!
If everything is ok I might think about upgrading Windows!



IT person here.

Upgrading an Windows over a old version never was a good ideia.

Suggestion: backup licenses and sofwares and do a fresh install.


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This consideration of yours calms me down a lot!!!
Me, I already understand very little…
I will wait for the year 2025…

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