UPDATED: Memory issue with Kontakt samples since Windows 10 update

Hi all. I use my set up live so keep my laptop disconnected from the internet unless im downloading an update or updating Windows. Its been quite a few months so updated Windows this week. It appears there was quite a major update, but afterwards i have been getting problems in Cantabile with my Kontakt samples saying i have no memory left when i tried to work on a new song (this is with a set of about 40 songs pre loaded). I persevered but no joy, eventually i got the option to not pre load the set, which i took and this improved, but its happened again at a gig last night just switching to a new song off the set grid.
I have looked through the “Glitch Free” PDF today and everything seems to be the same as i set them before the update. I was just wondering if anybody else had similar issues or if there is additional things to do for this Windows update to correct it

Thanks, Steve

system specs:
Dell Latitude E6330, Intel I7 @ 3.OOGhz, 12GB ram, 1TB SSD hard drive

The Win10 update trashed many settings on our pro-audio PCs here, by undoing settings and then introducing a lot of new services - deeper Cortana integration, advertising intrusions, and other things. The background apps were the worst and needed switching off.

To solve things here, we went through the Win10 Settings, page by page, and just switched off all we would not want to happen on stage. Messages, popups, prompts, service messages, voice activation, etc. It settled down after a few reboots.

I am not sure that helps with “out of memory” though. This “can” be because of code compatibility not being set correctly. If in doubt, run the “Compatibility trouble shooter” on your plugin dlls and host - essentially any executable or DLL you intend using. This will reveal whether the code is Win10 compatible or not, or the o/s needs to launch things under say “Windows 7 mode” (always a safe bet).

Out of memory can imply 32bit code has become tangled with 64bit, and the system is finding out when it tries to use the code. A good indicator is that sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t - or breaks if you launch one thing before the other, changing the order - so, for example did you reorder your setlist recently? While 32bit things are allocated lower memory they tend to work okay, but if it goes above that magic 4Gb limit it will certainly break. Might not be your issue, but might be a clue. Note, you can instantiate 32bit code just a little earlier than 64bit stuff to get around it, but at risk - it might work*, but how reliable is that? Personally, I’d make sure that you are using 64bit versions throughout if at all possible.

(*This works for running MIDI-OX and 64bit hosts at the same time. If MIDI-OX is started first, all is well.)

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