Update download says x86 too?

Just downloaded the latest update and the install routine advises it will install the x86 version as well as 64bit?? What if I don’t want the x86 installed? It is not an optional thing (going by the wording) so how do I stop it installing both…I ONLY want the 64 bit version.


Hi Dennis,

Cantabile has been packaged like this for a long time - the installer installs both platforms (unless you’re on 32-bit Windows in which case it only installs the 32-bit edition).

This is an intentional to make the whole download and install process simpler. Since the product is so small it didn’t make sense to include an option to choose which edition to install - it just installs both. I might refine this at some point but for now I’ve got more important things.


Hey Brad,

Cool, no worries then.


I think simplicity is the main feature of Cantabile.
The current installation takes up little space, so it is better to preserve simplicity. (that is, the current complete installation of both 32 and 64 bits).
There are many users who tenen much knowledge of music but little knowledge of software. They benefit from that philosophy.
In my particular case, I work with 64-bit Windows 10, but I have many 32-bit plugins, therefore, I use 32-bit Cantabile. One thing I like is that every time I install any version of Cantabile, it is done automatically both 32 and 64 bits and do not need to update my Cantabile 32 shortcut on my desktop. Just a short while, and no need J-bridge, just my plugins and Cantabile. Simplicity first.
Meanwhile, as technology evolves to 64 bits, thanks to this mode of installation, I’m ready when you need it, probably in a short time.
Best regards,

Sorry, I meant
“thanks to this mode of installation, I’m ready when I need it,”…