Unexpected Omnisphere patch behaviour

I have a rack containing an instance of Omnisphere, with “Entire Bank” state behaviour set. I make a modification to the patch within Omnisphere, and try and force Cantabile to save it (I get no * indicating it has changed, but I guess that’s because Cantabile doesn’t know what’s happening within Omnisphere). Then if I select another song, and then return to the original song again, the Omnisphere patch change isn’t there - I get the original, unedited sound. However…if I change the rack state of the rack containing Omnisphere (to a state in which Omnisphere is suspended, in this case), then return to the original rack state, the correct edited Omnisphere sound returns. But then now that the correct (edited) sound has returned, if I save the rack and song again, switch song and change back to the original song, the wrong (un-edited) sound returns. Where is it returning from?!

Here are my state behaviours - first the rack’s state behaviour:

Next Omnisphere’s state behaviour within the rack:

Any help would be much appreciated. I’m sure I’m doing something wrong…