Understanding default hardware devices

I am getting the hang of Cantabile, and finding my soft synths so much easier to program and setup than doing it on a piece of hardware, and the sounds I have (Kontakt libraries, Omnisphere, Arturia) give me a huge range of sounds that would shock people when I was playing for a living.

Unfortunately my busy life translates to me needing to program my sounds in different places, with different gear. I sometimes do it in my home studio, sometimes at work (I have an old keyboard in my office because I didn’t have room in the garage when I bought my MOXF8 last year).

This translates to two problems that I think Brad has solved, but I can’t seem to get it working right.

  1. I have different hardware in each spot, and I’d like to be able to quickly connect and work in each place without having to change devices for each song every time. I was hoping that it would recognize the interface connected as well. Based on some of the other topics (like Q re changing Audio and MIDI devices) , I’ve created aliases for these, but I may not be getting this right.

What am I missing?

  1. I can’t seem to get Cantabile to remember my USB MIDI interface (this one is the M-Audio MIDISport). Whether I plug in the Interface first or second, Cantabile seems to forget that it was there, and then I have to add it all over again.

Also, does it need to be in the same port? Can they be connected into a USB hub?

Thanks in advance -

As usual, I read through things again and I think I figured out how Question #1 works.

Question #2 is still a bit of an issue for me.

Hi @PatAzzMusic

For the USB MIDI interface problem the mostly likely culprit is the MIDI drivers giving the device a different name each time you plug it in.

Try starting/stopping Cantabile and inserting/removing the MIDI device a number of times and each time go into Cantabile and check what the device’s name is - in particular check for suffixes like “-1”, “-2” etc…

If you find that the driver is naming the device differently each time, you can sometimes work around it by selecting both device names in Options -> MIDI Ports -> double click port -> select all variations of the device name.

Let me know if that doesn’t help.