Unclickable Popup Entries (rare bug, please report it)

Hi Everyone,

There’s a bug in the current builds of Cantabile (upto 3567) that I’m trying to track down. It’s very rare but results in entries in the popup panels (eg: Add Object button -> Plugin) becoming unclickable. ie: you click them and nothing happens.

I’ve only had a couple of reports of it, but I’ve seen it myself too and believe it’s related to Cantabile thinking one of either the Control, Shift or Alt keys is held down when it’s not.

I’ve made some changes for 3568 which will hopefully resolve this once and for all, however since it’s so hard to reproduce I need a little help…

  • If you see this problem please let me know, including what build number you’re running. ie: don’t just ignore it.
  • Also, try to take note of exactly what you just did (including switching to other apps/windows) so I can try to reproduce it.
  • Try tapping each of the Ctrl/Shift/Alt keys (both left and right if you have them) and see if that clears it and starts working again (and let me know if that helped or not).

Build 3568 is up now.


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Hi Brad. I’ve run into this a few times with build 3567. It seems to happen most often when I switch between QLC+ and Cantabile using either the mouse or ALT+TAB. When I hit the ctrl key the problem goes away. It’s always the CTRL key, I’ve never had SHIFT or ALT behave that way.

I noticed it when trying to hit #+s to change a song, and instead of changing, it saves the song instead.

Hi @Robb_Fesig

Thanks for the great info. Will be very interested to hear how 3568 works for you.


Since installing 3568 I haven’t had the problem at all, and I probably should’ve run into it because I have been doing the same things (switching back and forth to setup lighting sequences). I’ll let you know if I run into it again.

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Hi Robb,

Super pleased to hear that, but do let me know if it happens again.