Unable to access midi except on channel 1

Have just come back to Cantabile after a long layoff. Expected to have to make updates as I use the Arturia V collection. I am using version 3643.
I use a two keyboard set up and send midi messages on channels 1-4 to trigger different instruments. However at this time Cantabile is only playing notes sent over midi channel 1.
I have checked the midi stream using midi-ox and am definitely receiving messages on channels 1-4. I have run my B3 VST in stand alone mode, and can happily run the dual keyboard set up using channels 1,2 and 3.
I have checked that I do not have a filter set in Cantabile.

Can anyone suggest anything else I can try, as I cannot use the software without multiple midi channels


Oh FFS, just discovered that the Midi Input Port is set to channel 1 only - solved !!!

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